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April 07, 2015
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Bird vending machines? Not so fast. The New York Times publishes another ridiculous correction. Read Melissa's take on it on The Huffington Post.

You'll never eat another factory-farmed monstrosity again. Melissa looks for the city's good eggs in New York magazine. NEW! The Breakfast Manifesto is nominated for a James Beard Foundation Award for 2009.

February 2009: The Girl's Guide to Absolutely Everything has gone into a fourth printing.

 Publishers Weekly calls The Girl's Guide to Absolutely Everything "a common-sensible, funny and easy-to-read primer on all aspects of life for women in their 20s and 30s" that's "a standout in a crowded field as well as an ideal gift." read the entire starred review >>

 Library Journal says of The Girl's Guide to Absolutely Everything, "Long story short, I love this damn book." read the entire starred review >>

Melissa's advice on how to be a halfway-decent houseguest, in The Birmingham News.

Melissa tracks the New York Times' baffling series of corrections in The Great Charlton Heston Obituary Mystery on The Huffington Post.

"Kirsch writes with warmth, humor, and much-appreciated candor. She's a wise and funny friend who's happy to share with you what she's learned and graciously avoids coming across like a know-it-all," says in a 5-star review of The Girl's Guide to Absolutely Everything. read on >>

Read Melissa's article on overcoming procrastination in the February 2008 issue of Good Housekeeping.

Check out the latest installment of My Secret Library at KGB Bar Lit, in which Melissa examines a strange little book by French writer Nathalie Sarraute.

Looking for the perfect gift? Give a signed copy of The Girl's Guide to Absolutely Everything to your favorite 20- or 30-something (or get one for yourself).


























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