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April 2009

Bird vending machines? Not so fast. The New York Times publishes another ridiculous correction. Read Melissa's take on it on The Huffington Post.

Melissa appears at the SMU Literary Festival in Dallas, April 16-17. Get all the info here.

The Breakfast Manifesto is nominated for a James Beard Foundation Award for 2009.

February 2009

The Girl's Guide to Absolutely Everything has gone into a fourth printing.

November 2008

Melissa will participate in a panel on "Grassroots Marketing" on Saturday, November 22, at the New School, as part of the Council of Literary Magazines and Presses' LWC}NYC Conference, moderated by Thisbe Nissen.

October 2008

Back from summer in France & Greece, posting resumes with regularity.

June 2008

Why posting has been light: The blog was hacked and is in the hospital. The new blog should be live within a week. If you can't wait (and who can?), Melissa continues to record curiosities here and there's some tentative blogging going on on the supersecret recovering blog here.

You'll never eat another factory-farmed monstrosity again. Melissa looks for the city's good eggs in New York magazine.

May 2008

Melissa's advice on how to be a halfway-decent houseguest, in The Birmingham News.

April 2008

Melissa tells you where to jettison laptops, cell phones, and iPods without polluting the waste stream in New York.

Melissa tracks the New York Times' baffling series of corrections in The Great Charlton Heston Obituary Mystery on The Huffington Post.

February 2008

The Girl's Guide to Absolutely Everything has gone into a third printing.

Read Melissa's article on overcoming procrastination in the February 2008 issue of Good Housekeeping.

Check out the latest installment of My Secret Library at KGB Bar Lit, in which Melissa examines a strange little book by French writer Nathalie Sarraute.

January 2008

November 2007

Melissa wrote The Everything Guide to Pests for New York magazine, a thoroughly disgusting look at bedbugs, cockroaches and rodents in NYC apartments. read it and weep >>

August 2007

The Girl's Guide to Absolutely Everything is a VH1 best seller.

The Girl's Guide to Absolutely Everything is ChickSpeak's "Must Read" for August. read the interview with Melissa >>

July 2007

Melissa is filming segments for Howdini, a massive how-to-do-everything website launching this fall, created by the supremely awesome Shelley Lewis.

June 2007

Check out Melissa's first blog entry on the Huffington Post.

The Girl's Guide to Absolutely Everything has gone into a second printing.

May 2007

Melissa on being imperfect: An interview at the brilliant blog, "Becoming Ms. Perfect." read on >>

Melissa sounds off on the Rosie/Elisabeth debacle in the Philadelphia Daily News. read on >>

Starting at the end of May, Melissa will be blogging regularly about entertainment on the Huffington Post. Stay tuned for more information.

April 2007

Looking for the perfect graduation gift? Give a signed copy of The Girl's Guide to Absolutely Everything to your favorite high school or college grad (or get one for yourself).

Just send an email to signedcopy@melissakirsch.com with:

  • the name of the person to whom you want the book addressed
  • your mailing address

    That's it! Melissa will mail you a lovely, personalized bookplate that you can stick in the book. See how easy that was?

    Ah, tax time. "Kirsch says, 'If you were underpaying last year, there's a good chance you've been underpaying the first three months of this year.'" This and other tips in The Arizona Republic. read on >>

    Melissa gives advice on the delicate enterprise of defriending in the Chicago Sun-Times. read on >>

    Plus, some tips straight from the book here.

    In honor of everyone's very favorite time of year, listen to Melissa chat bossily about women, money and taxes in this radio interview. listen to the mp3 >>

    March 2007

    Melissa and The Girl's Guide to Absolutely Everything help someone improbably named "Sweet Cakes" to fill out her taxes, then manage to incur her wrath, all in the course of few hundred entertaining words. read on in the C-Ville Weekly >>

    February 2007

    Check out Melissa's piece, How to Fall Down, in the 2/12/07 issue of New York magazine.

    January 2007

    Melissa Kirsch: The Girl's Guide Tour 2007

    Monday, February 5 thru Friday, February 9
    Set the TiVo, it's a Girl's Guide bonanza!
    Melissa will be live every morning this week, discussing a different topic each day on WFLD Fox Morning News in Chicago.

    Tuesday, February 6, 12:30pm
    DePaul University Bookstore
    Chicago, Illinois

    Tuesday, February 6, 3:30pm
    University of Chicago Bookstore
    Chicago, Illinois

    Tuesday, February 13, 6pm
    Barnes & Noble
    Fifth Avenue at 18th Street
    New York, NY

    Thursday, February 15, 4pm
    Drexel University Bookstore
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Thursday, February 15, 7pm
    University of Pennsylvania Bookstore
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Friday, February 23, 7pm
    Paragraph Reading Series
    KGB Bar
    85 East 4th Street
    New York, NY

    Monday, March 5, 7:30pm
    Tattered Cover Bookstore
    Denver, Colorado

    Wednesday, March 7, 7pm
    Changing Hands Bookstore
    Tempe, Arizona

    Thursday, March 22, 7pm
    Book People
    Austin, TX

    Saturday, March 24, 12pm
    Virginia Festival of the Book

    A Woman's World: Work, Travel and Life
    Authors Marybeth Bond (50 Best Girlfriends Getaways in North America), Connally Gilliam (Revelations of a Single Woman: Loving the Life I Didn't Expect), and Melissa Kirsch (The Girl's Guide to Absolutely Everything) explore multiple aspects of women's worlds.

    University of Virginia Bookstore
    Charlottesville, Virginia

    Monday, April 9, 2:30pm
    Augsburg College Bookstore
    Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Thursday, April 12, 6pm
    Cocktail Party at the W Hotel
    Seattle, Washington

    Local funny girl and Seattle Weekly columnist Maggie Dutton will conduct an onstage interview with Melissa Kirsch.
    *$15 per person (includes snacks and a no-host bar).

    Monday, April 16, 7:30pm
    Powell's Books (Hawthorne Location)
    Portland, Oregon

    Tuesday, April 17
    Rainy Day Books
    Fairway, Kansas

    Wednesday, April 18, 7pm
    Borders (Arborland Location)
    Ann Arbor, Michigan

    Thursday, April 19, 7pm
    Books & Co.
    Dayton, Ohio

    Friday, April 20, 7pm
    Joseph-Beth Booksellers
    Pittsburgh, PA

    Saturday, April 21, 2pm
    Bluegrass Festival of Books
    Lexington, KY

    December 2006

    LibraryJournal.com says of The Girl's Guide to Absolutely Everything, "Long story short, I love this damn book." Read the whole blog post.

    Publishers Weekly calls The Girl's Guide to Absolutely Everything "a common-sensible, funny and easy-to-read primer on all aspects of life for women in their 20s and 30s" that's "a standout in a crowded field as well as an ideal gift." Read the entire starred review.

    November 2006

    Read Melissa's new monthly column, My Secret Library, at KGB Bar Lit. This month: Pre-Fab Mod.

    Check out the interview with Melissa in UVA's Arts and Sciences magazine.

    Melissa Kirsch's The Girl's Guide to Absolutely Everything hits bookstores. The universe lets out a huge sigh of relief. Revelry ensues.


























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